Anastasia Kitsikopoulou

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Anastasia Kitsikopoulou
Sofokleus 10
35132 Lamia, Griechenland
Telefon Mobil: 00306947157282

Talmi-Methode® Ausbildung: 2010-2012 GA
Kurz-Bio: 2004 - now: Telecoms Engineer - Senior Business Consultant 2009 - now: Body Therapist - Talmi-Methode® 2014 - now: Owner, Designer and Jewelry Artist of ShibusaJewelry Being a tango dancer and a yoga addict, for more than 10 years,  has helped me personally to develop a different approach on how to handle movement in a more efficient way to avoid injuries and chronic pain and to evolve physically and on the long term, mentally, too. This different approach is what I like to pass on to my clients. In each treatment, the client is treated as a whole and through an in-depth analysis of his/her movement patterns, using special, non-violent movements, pressures and correct breathing, he/she is gradually leaded to free up blocked areas of the whole body.
Art der Behandlung: Individual treatment, group treatment, workshops
Dauer der Behandlung: 1,5 h - depends on individual needs
Zusätzlicher Tätigkeitsbereich: Tango, Yoga, Pilates
Spezialgebiet: Talmi-Methode® for Tango (workshops for Tango Dancers), Breathing & Posture analysis
Abschlüsse: BSc, MSc Telecommunication Engineer, Talmi-Methode®, Zen Bodytherapy®, Thai Massage Therapist

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