Antonina Funtikova

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Antonina Funtikova
Krasnolimanskaya St., 23-5
117264 Moscow, Russland
Telefon Mobil: +79651988970

Talmi-Methode® Ausbildung: 2012-2014 GA, 2015 ADV I
Kurz-Bio: I was born on the North-West of Russia, in the Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk in 1973, graduated the University in 1995 having specialization in Psychology. Since 2006 I live in Moscow and have my practice as a specialist in consciousness and body work. I'm married to Egor Funtikov and we have wonderful son Lazar born in 2010. Shodan in Aikido. In our dojo we have a group of joint Talmi practice, about 10 members. We meet weekly.
Art der Behandlung: Individual treatment, Group
Dauer der Behandlung: 90 minutes
Zahlungsmodalitäten: Clients who pay the invoice themselves
Zusätzlicher Tätigkeitsbereich: Writing, teaching
Spezialgebiet: Ancient Russian traditions
Abschlüsse: Traditional healer

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