Konstantinos Koiliaris

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Konstantinos Koiliaris
14121 Athens, Griechenland
Telefon Mobil: +30 6987589029
Email: K.Koiliaris@hotmail.com

Talmi-Methode® Ausbildung: 2016-2018 GA, 2019 ADV I
Kurz-Bio: Born in Athens in 1992. From 2010 to 2014 studied Speech and Language Therapy. I started practicing Aikido in 2013, now I am 2nd Dan (Aikikai, Homburg Dojo, Tokyo, Japan) and in our dojo in Athens I do adult's and children's training. Through Aikido practice and Talmi-Methode®, I observe how body works and moves, the origins of natural movement compared with breathing and consciousness.
Art der Behandlung: Individual treatment, group treatment, workshops
Abschlüsse: Higher National Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy, Bachelor of Science in Logotherapy, Talmi-Methode®

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