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Rodolfo Danielyan
11146 Galatsi, Griechenland
Telefon Mobil: +6948111438

Talmi-Methode® Ausbildung: 2021-2023 GA
Kurz-Bio: The first time I had a chance to deal with a physical body, it was the one that we call our own, and it is still clear that its capabilities are very, very big, regardless of age.  This was the year when I found an aikido group not far from my home. This desire came a long time ago from the long, painful work that the body has been subjected to over the last 20 years, complex, beautiful, difficult; inspiring career. . The first 4 years of training showed. possibilities and prospects and lightness in the body, as well as not heaviness and stiffness  In 2016, after the Aikido seminar, for the first time I went through a small phase of the Talmi and ISOgy method in the training room as partners between the participants. I was later lucky to take a session with more experienced ones who had already completed all the courses. And big changes were happening to the body.  In 2018, I started taking courses with Martin and just helping some friends and working with them to gain experience. Over the past five years, I must say there is a big, as well as smol experience in sessions with the human body.  Big because it was not a small number of adults, as well as children, not small because there is an awareness that everything happens in space and who conducts these sessions , his role and the one who takes session is very small. It is small due to the fact that in it the process of change occurs with the human body on an invisible level and the one who perceives.  This is something new that happens for me in this space and prepares me for new conditions and agreements. The simplicity is what does everything. Why the simplicity because it is what makes the invisible visible. 
Art der Behandlung: individual treatment
Dauer der Behandlung: 1-2 hours
Kosten der Behandlung: 50€ for 1 hour - 100€ for 2 hours of treatment
Zahlungsmodalitäten: cash and visa
Zusätzlicher Tätigkeitsbereich: Isogai flowers seminar

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