Talmi-Methode® Practitioner

Whoever wants to become a Talmi-Methode® practitioner has to successfully complete the three-year Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program. Passing the final examinations qualifies a person to administer the Talmi-Methode® treatment. If a person would like to further educate themselves and keep their proficiency up-to-date after completing the basic training program, they can participate in advanced courses or workshops.

Although the Talmi-Methode® training is designed in particular for performing artists, curative therapists, and martial arts practitioners as a process for forming the body and the personality, interested persons from diverse fields can also participate in the Talmi-Methode® training program. One huge advantage of the Talmi-Methode® is that it allows itself to be integrated into very different fields of work as a meaningful form of support. This can also be seen in the fact that the previous graduates have successfully used theTalmi-Methode® in their different professional fields and communities. Talmi-Methode® practitioners, in addition to working freelance, work at, among other institutions, performing arts schools in Germany and abroad, where the Talmi-Methode® has become a part of the performing arts training program.

The Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program

The Basic Training Levels I to III of the Talmi-Methode® is a three-year training program. This is divided into three sections of 11 days each, which take place during three subsequent years – usually in August. The basic training program, therefore, encompasses a total of 33 days of training. The sections are intensive courses, and approximately 8 hours of group lessons take place every day in addition to individual consultations. In total, the basic training program has more than 250 hours of instruction. Between the instruction sections, participants have the opportunity to seek advice and consultations through the mentoring system. The Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program qualifies one to be aTalmi-Methode® practitioner.

Stage I – Foundation Level

The fundamental introduction to the Talmi-Methode®. Learning four basic Talmi-Methode® lessons. Introduction to the fundamental rules of movement. Students are taught active perception and the ability to structure their own perception and to guide this toward a possible treatment approach. By reversing the roles of the practitioners and those being treated, both sides practice a Talmi-Methode® treatment and experience the effectiveness of the Talmi-Methode® and the resulting changes. Instructors and assistants provide methodical assistance for the integration of these learning experiences into everyday life.

Stage II – Advanced Level I

Conveying advanced knowledge of the Talmi-Methode®. Learning five advanced Talmi-Methode® lessons. Detailed definition and consolidation of the basic lessons. Conveying exercises for working on one’s own posture. Developing one’s own initial treatment concepts under the guidance of the instructors.

Stage III – Advanced Level II and Completion of the Course

A comprehensive review of the Talmi-Methode®. Learning four additional Talmi-Methode® lessons on special problems. Supplemental techniques from other fields. Analysis, systematics, and design of one’s own teaching concepts.

The Talmi-Methode® Mentoring System

The number of participants is limited in order to guarantee an intensive supervision during the training sections. During the three-year Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program participants have the opportunity to also remain in contact with the instructors between the individual training sections. Head instructor Martin Gruber and his assistants are always available and willing to advise the participants if they have any questions.

Talmi-Methode® practitioners, however, are not only assisted by mentors during the training program, they themselves also, after they have successfully completed the training program, become mentors to their clients as they accompany them over the course of their treatment. The mutual learning process becomes a medium for achieving a new, comprehensive consciousness of one’s own body, and allows them to expand on this their whole life long and convey this to others.

Individual Application Methods and Possible Combinations

Following the lessons in the Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program, with the accumulation of experience and the acquirement of the additional skills that are conveyed in the advanced courses individual sections can be formed into continuously new, individually adapted application methods. This allows special problems to be treated in a precisely defined manner and opens up the possibilities for new measures. The Talmi-Methode® is also extremely suitable as an enrichment and expansion of other methods involving bodywork that adhere to similar fundamental principles.

Graduation and Qualification

The individual levels of the Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program are building blocks; they correlate to one another and cannot be booked independent of each other, but rather only as a three-year training program. A graduate of the three-year Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program receives a certificate. Certified Talmi-Methode® practitioners are qualified and authorized to administer Talmi-Methode® treatments.


The Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program takes place in the Kunstbetrieb Birach in 84494 Niederbergkirchen, Upper Bavaria, Germany.

Talmi-Methode® Advanced Training Program

Talmi-Methode® Advanced Course Program

The advanced courses are designed to allow a practitioner to acquire advanced skills and open up new application areas. These courses offer three and a half days of instructions, respectively, and usually take place on a weekend with approximately 8 hours of group lessons every day, as well as sessions of individual supervision. A prerequisite for participation in these courses is one must have successfully completed the three-year Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program. Those who successfully complete the advanced courses receive a certificate.

Talmi-Methode® Advanced I

These courses offer additional Talmi-Methode® lessons, and previously learned techniques will be refined and enhanced. In addition, practical assistance for special issues that have come up from practicing the Method so far will be provided. The possibilities inherent in special applications and the possible combinations with other methods involving bodywork that adhere to similar fundamental principles will be demonstrated.

Talmi-Methode® Advanced II

These advanced lessons serve as a platform to work on detailed, subject-specific issues that have emerged from the intensive involvement with the Talmi-Methode® in theory and in practice. The individual status of the participants’ work and development is presented within the group, and expanded by conveying progressive knowledge of the individual, previously learned techniques and lessons. Additional special interventions and exercises for maintaining balance will be presented. There will be an introduction to an advanced form of Japanese osteopathy. The latest research results in the area of bodywork will be presented and discussed.

Talmi-Methode® Workshops

At irregular intervals Professor Martin Gruber or certified assistants will also conduct workshops on special subjects. These workshops will take place at different venues in Germany and abroad. The workshops are designed for persons with very different interests and cover a wide spectrum of application fields and subject areas. To view which workshops are currently offered and their dates, click on Dates.

Talmi-Methode® Training Program