The stage and methods

Copyright: Annette Hauschild, Ostkreuz (bearbeitet)

Copyright: Annette Hauschild, Ostkreuz (edited)

Martin Gruber is Professor of Movement at the University of Performing Arts “Ernst Busch” in Berlin (Germany). He works internationally as an acting teacher, director and choreographer. His own directorial projects include premieres and experimental plays, which are created in cooperation with international artist groups or in creative exchange with his wife. He has been working as a choreographer for theatre and opera with Dieter Dorn for many years, but also created choreographies for Joachim Meyerhoff, Otto Kukla and Robert Schuster. He has published numerous articles on theatre, acting and his concept of training in the performing arts, and has studied Judo, Iaido, Hojo and Aikido (6th Dan) since his youth. He completed several years of training in Functional Integration® with Prof. Alon Talmi (Israel), Zen Bodytherapy® and Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy® with William “Dub” Leigh (USA) and forms of Japanese Osteopathy with Nobuyuki Watanabe (Japan).


Concept and structure

Susanne Gruber (Susanne Göße) works as an author and dramaturge, organizes international art projects and manages the Kunstbetrieb Birach. Her own theatre works are predominantly experimental plays, which are created in cooperation with various artists or in creative exchange with her husband. After studying sinology, literature and business administration, she worked at various universities and as a translator from Chinese. Her publications include anthologies, specialist articles, essays and plays.



Work and space

From the beginning, Martin Gruber wanted to establish a location in Birach that combines artistic work with high standards and international diversity. Theater performances take place in Birach regularly, folk theater pieces as well as artistic experiments. Artists from Asia, the U.S., South America, Russia, and from international productions use the spaces and the special atmosphere for rehearsals before their projects are presented at festivals and on theater stages all over the world. But also the established cultural traditions of the surrounding areas have been from the beginning part of life at Birach: village festivals, “Hoagarten” (a special Bavarian event where different folk musicians and music groups perform), and other traditional music events are celebrated here. Martial arts and Birach are connected by a long history: For 30 years Nobuyuki Watanabe taught Aikido here every year. In addition, training programs and workshops for the performing arts, bodywork, and martial arts are conducted here, and training programs in the Talmi-Methode® have been taking place here since 2004. You can find more information under Kunstbetrieb Birach.