Talmi-Methode® Instructor

Talmi-Methode® practitioners who would like to offer and guide groups themselves go through a strict selection process and a long-term qualification phase in various stages. The practical application of the Talmi Methode® as a practitioner and the didactic teaching of the method are two different areas. Prospective trainers therefore begin with an internship as a trial phase in order to get to know the field of pedagogical teaching of the Talmi-Methode® as a new field of activity.


The minimum requirement for an internship is fulfilled when the three-year Talmi-Methode® Basic Training Program has been successfully completed. During an internship, one acquires initial progressive educational and methodical-didactic skills. The internship consists of a minimum of 11 days of training. In addition to space and time management, the interns will perform their first applications of the Method with the group under the inspection and supervision of the head instructor, Professor Martin Gruber, and the expert staff.


The prerequisites for participating as an assistant during a Talmi-Methode® training program are the successful completion of the basic training program, a minimum of 11 days participation in an internship during a Talmi-Methode® training program, and having attended at least one advanced training program (Advanced I or Advanced II). The assistants undergo a total of 5 levels, which they do after the internship for a minimum of an additional 90 days working as an assistant in different Talmi-Methode® training programs. Whoever successfully completes all of the levels of an assistantship can be certified by Professor Martin Gruber as a Talmi-Methode® instructor. To simplify matters, the work of the assistants will be calculated initially according to the number of days. The division of the levels according to days is, however, only an initial quantitative classification. Through observation of the practice of the treatment and inspection of the proficiency level by Professor Martin Gruber, the qualitative classification can differ individually.

Overview Internship Program / Assistant Levels

Levels Days: from to
Intern 11
Assistant 1 12 22
Assistant 2 23 33
Assistant 3 34 66
Assistant 4 67 99
Assistant 5 100
Instructor / trainer nominated by Martin Gruber

Talmi-Methode® Training Program