Qualification Levels of the Talmi-Methode® Practitioners

Here you will find only a brief summary of the qualification. A more detailed description can be found under practitioner and instructor.

GA -Talmi-Methode® Basic Training

All Talmi-Methode® practitioners have undergone an intensive, three-year training program with at least 250 hours of instruction under the guidance of Prof. Martin Gruber. The basic training is completed with a certificate for the Talmi-Methode®practitioner and qualifies to apply the Talmi-Methode®.

ADV I / ADV II – Advanced training in the Talmi-Methode®

After completing the basic training, there is the possibility of further training in theTalmi-Methode®.  These training courses are called Advanced I and Advanced II and take place under the direction of Prof. Martin Gruber. Upon completion of these further training courses, the participants receive a certificate of successful completion.

HOSP – Trainee

Training as a Talmi-Methode® instructor begins with an internship. The minimum requirement for an internship is three years of basic training in the Talmi-Methode®.

ASS 1-5, Assistant Stage 1-5

After successful internship, the assistants go through a total of five stages in several training blocks.

AUSB – Certified instructor in the Talmi-Methode®

Anyone who has passed through all stages of the assistance can be certified by Prof. Martin Gruber as a Talmi-Methode® instructor.

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