Who’s who

Performing arts + music:

Tian Gebing, director, with PaperTigerTheater (Beijing, PR China)

Robert Schuster, director, with KULA-Compagnie (France) and AZDAR Theatre (Kabul, Afghanistan)

Marianne Cornil, actress and musician, TheatreFragil

Paco Gonzales, Clown

Rena Mirecka, member of Jerzy Grotowski’s Theatre Laboratory

Mario Calixto, Afro dance, choreographer

Dudu Tucci, Brasil Power Drums, Rhythm Training

Marita Günther, co-founder of the Roy Hart Theatre, London


Martial arts:

Nobuyuki Watanabe, 8th Dan Aikido, Japan

Dr. Sung Chih Chien, T’ai Chi Ch’uan Master, Taiwan

Zheng Yi, Qi Gong Master. PR China

Lie Foen Tjaeng, Taiwan

Bodywork, psychology:

William Dub Leigh, Founder of Zen Bodytherapy® and Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy®

Prof. Alon Talmi, Functional Integration®

Ph.D. Paul Linden, Founder of Being in Movement®

Akinobu Kishi, founder of Seiki Soho

Herta Richter, respiratory therapy

Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Dreitzel, Sociology and Gestalt Therapy

Mona Lisa Boyesen, Ebba Boyesen, HansKim Voet, Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Dr. Fritz Friedl, TCM and General Medicine

Ph.D. Pat Odgen, dance therapy

C. C. Schröder, Psychology


Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria)

Otto Falckenberg School, Munich

Bavarian Theatre Academy August Everding, Munich

Westerwald Oslo School of Arts, Oslo, Norway

State University of Music and Performing Arts, Stuttgart


and many more