Thanks to

What is a home without the people who carry what you do? Fortunately there are many dear people who have stood by us for many years and we would like to thank them all for their active support, their help and the wonderful times they have given us.

We would like to thank all our friends who have always supported us and helped us to overcome some of the lean periods. Our heartfelt thanks go first to Burkhard Kissenkötter, whose artistic creativity and craftsmanship are still visible today in Birach and who was the good soul of Birach for many years. We thank Paco Gonzales for the wonderful children’s circus performances, which he rehearsed with the children in many, many hours of practice. We especially thank Ellen Mai for the design and the energetic construction of our garden. We would like to thank Walter Ecker, Irene Hartmann, Rafael Mayer, Flippy Becker, Jochen and Iris Grün, Alexandria Mayer, Rainer Kühn for their many years of support. We would like to thank Klaus Hagedorn, Michael Ibers and Andreas Hendrich for their help in expanding the dojo in the Stadl and thank all the other helpers.

We thank all craftsmen and master craftsmen! The reconstruction of a monument requires high craftsmanship, much know-how and the mastery of old techniques. We thank all the craftsmen who helped to make Birach the beautiful place it is today and who are still helping to preserve it today: Thomas Thalmeier, joinery, Dorfen. Klaus Westphal, joinery, Wasentegernbach. Rott company, building contractor, Schwindegg. Dengl Holzbau company, Großkatzbach near Dorfen. Wagner company, carpentry, Lohkirchen. Company Multerer, electrician, Gumattenkirchen. Company Frenzel, electrician, Neumarkt St. Veit. Company Fuchs, heating construction, Neumarkt St. Veit.

We don’t know how we can thank Angelika Gösse, who keeps the house and yard in order, cares for our guests lovingly and always has an ear for their big and small problems. We thank Michael Pongratz, who takes care of everything, really everything in Birach and supports us with his technical know-how and untiring commitment. And we would like to thank his wife, who always helps and cares when there is something to do. We would like to thank the Strasser family, who help to preserve our meadows and forest and who come with a tractor every time a vehicle gets stuck in snow or mud. We thank Albert and Elfie Multerer because they are always there when you need them – from dryer repairs to fresh rolls for the guests.

And last but not least I would like to thank my first wife Mechthild Stiller and my two oldest wonderful daughters Lena and Louisa for their help and understanding in the first years of construction. At this point I would also like to thank my brothers Hans and Stefan, who always helped me. Above all, I would like to thank my parents Martin and Maria Gruber, whose love and support made the reconstruction possible in the first place.