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The Talmi-Methode® is a system originally developed by Martin Gruber for the performing arts and designed for the extreme demands of stage work, but in the meantime it is being used in other areas with success. Created from working for decades with artists, the Talmi-Methode® is based on understanding the treatment as an exchange at eye level: as a self-determined, active interaction between the practitioner of the method and the person being treated with the method. The Talmi-Methode® is based on different components with the goal of – along with an optimally balanced posture and a maximum of freedom of movement – improving presence, vocal placement, and breathing, and reducing signs of wear and tear. The Talmi-Methode® consists of contact and movement lessons, which are designed to precisely and effectively remove impedimental patterns, tensions, and the results of one-sided strains. The Talmi-Methode® is already being practiced with great success at leading acting schools in Europe, in training for performing artists, and in speech and movement training.

In addition, it has proven to be a valuable assistance in medicinal and therapeutic practice, as a coaching method, as individual work on one’s own posture, and as an assistance in dealing with extreme physical demands. At the core of the Talmi-Methode® are the Functional Integration® lessons according to Alon Talmi; Martin Gruber was a student of Alon Talmi and he named this method after him. In order to achieve an optimal posture according to the special needs of performing artists, these lessons were modified and expanded with elements of bodywork from Western traditional methods such as, for example, Rolfing®, Feldenkrais, Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy®, Zen Bodytherapy®, and from Asian traditions such as Japanese forms of osteopathy, and movement exercises from Japanese martial arts and stage techniques. In addition, individual components were conceived for group lessons in courses at acting schools.

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“The body’s decision is just as valid as the mind’s decision.”


Albert Camus
“A mime should be able to move with a larger simplicity than someone else, because he or she is familiar with their own body.”
Jean-Louis Barrault

„The main purpose of my method is to bring to the surface the physically perceptive sensibility which actors originally had.

Tadashi Suzuki

“Der Schauspieler muß wissen, was er nicht zu tun hat.“ 

Jerzy Grotowski, Regisseur, Theaterleiter
“The actor must know what he doesn’t have to do.”
Jerzy Grotowski

“The main purpose of my method is to bring to the surface the physically perceptive sensibility which actors originally had.

Tadashi Suzuki